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Girl Gazing


Finding You in the Mom "Stuff"

Are you a tired mama? Do you feel like your mom "stuff" is constantly filling up your day, not leaving you much time or energy for yourself? Having a hard time balancing your new mom life with your old life? I help mamas stop, take some deep breathes, pat themselves on the back for a damn good job well done. I mean, you just made a kid (or three) you deserve many moments for yourself. 

Next, we make a plan that puts you back on the top of the list! These plans normally include making self-care a priority, motivating you to tackle those career goals you had to put off because little Sally is sick again or little Austin needs some extra help with his math homework. We will work together to find ways for you to create balance in the often hectic schedule of mom life.

I will also employ my intuition to scan your body for any energy blockages that may be holding you back. After all, you did have another energy being inside your body during your pregnancy! Let's cut the energy cord that may be holding you back from those projects or goals you just can't seem to reach.  

Start putting your happiness at the top of your list, and you and everyone in your family will benefit!

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