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Freeing Your Body From Energy Blockages

Ileah has been an intuitive her entire life. Ileah believes that we all have spiritual gifts, and are compelled to use them. Whether we share our gifts with the world publicly or privately is our choice, but we must share them. It is our divine path!

Ileah was gifted with the ability to hear her spirit guides and feel energy in people and places. Ileah has the unique ability to create safe spaces for people to share their deepest secrets. People feel comfortable with Ileah and she is open to receive their pain, happiness, struggles, celebrations, whatever they may want to share. It is not always Ileah's job to "solve" what is on their mind, most times Ileah is only charged by her spirit guides with listening to the person. 

Ileah is a trained Reiki Master. She respects and has been witness to the magical healing and relaxation properties of this energy work modality. Reiki's history and power are rich and Ileah is forever grateful for her teachers and their message. While she is trained in Reiki and utilize the principles, Ileah does not actually touch her clients. Instead, she uses a scanning technique. 

Each of these gifts is an important part of Ileah's intuitive energy work. She uses all of them with each client and the results are unique and moving. 

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