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As a mother of a 8 and 6 year old, I know how crazy the day-to-day can be for moms. Most days it is hard to find time to brush your teeth, much less tackle a goal you have for yourself. These tasks are even harder if you suffer from Post-Partum Depression, as I did. I like to work with mamas that want to reclaim their lives - their joie de vivre. I also like to set up local, community-based networks for mamas to plug-in and find loving and friendly, nonjudgemental support. Meeting with like-minded people can help you stay focused on your goal and make those long mommy days go by faster. 

I have lived many years with family members and a significant other who struggle with Depression, Bipolar Disorder and Anxiety Disorder. My 30+ years of experience in these relationships informs my understanding of the stress that comes from these relationships, the unconditional love that is necessary to infuse into these relationships, and the absolute necessity to take care of yourself! I have found and tested several ways to live healthier while loving someone living with these mental health disorders. 

Learning is a cornerstone of my life. I must always be learning about people, experiences, places, methods, and modalities. For this reason, I have trained in many educational areas. My degrees and studies range from anthropology, leadership, women’s health, intuitive healing to policy development. I am a trained transformational life coach. I am a trained Usui Reiki Master, but I employ my intuition and do not utilize the exact reiki technique. My intuitive energy work is a technique that my spirit guides have provided me; my clients find it very useful and informative. I come from a strong and long line of spiritual women who were gifted with healing hands and prophetic dreams. I have experienced the power of my intuition and have learned the importance of acting on it, as well as the danger of not acting on it. Each of these learning experiences informs my coaching and energy work methods.

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