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ileah is an energy coach that combines her transformational life coaching and reiki training with her intuition, empathy and mediumship gifts. 

when you become ileah's client, she creates a safe, nonjudgemental space for you to share your challenges and concerns about what may be holding you back.  ileah will assess and remove any energy blockages that may exist in your body. then, together, you will create a manageable plan that gets you moving in the direction that is best, and most healthy, for you.

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ileah is an empath and intuitive. she has the ability to hear her spirit guides, and feel energy in people and places.  

ileah is a trained reiki master. she respects and has been witness to the magical healing properties of this modality. It's history and power are rich. while ileah is trained in reiki and utilizes the principles and symbolic healing, she does not actually touch her clients. instead, she uses a scanning technique to access blockages and send healing energy.

during energy readings with ileah, you may receive messages about medical problems, pain centers, past lives, and sometimes channeling directly from loved ones that have passed on.

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Eleanor Roosevelt

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

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