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Coping with Depression Every Day

Depression is real. So, so real. It isn't voluntary. You can't snap out of it.

My family deals with depression every day. My partner has bipolar depression. It is tough. Some days are good and some days are bad. When he is in a low, there are many more bad days for him. Bad days are days that he doesn't get out of bed. Days where making coffee and listening to the news are the extent of what he can do for the day. Those days I am grateful he got up. He completed a task, he participated the best he could. During a low, good days are far apart from each other.

Educate yourself about what depression is, learn how to talk about it with your loved one(s), LISTEN to your loved one(s) about how you can help them, and listen for the things they are not saying. When I say listen to the things they aren't saying, I mean listen for cries for help when they aren't saying anything: no self-care, isolation, change in habits, change in eating, disturbed sleep, etc. Assist them to get to their doctor. Call a doctor and ask for their help and suggestions on what to do.

Depression needs medical attention.

Depression needs lots of support.

Depression needs loads of kindness and compassion, from yourself and from those that support and love you.

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