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When our love patterns are chained to the past

I had a really interesting experience with a client today during energy work. While scanning her body for blockages, I came across a large blockage on her ankle. I was having a hard time using my technique to remove the blockage. It was as if her ankle was made of iron. Then I heard my spirit guide reference a cast iron shackle. I got a visual of iron chains that were used to keep African slaves locked up during that horrendous period in American history. It was cold and heavy, and I could not remove it.

I told my client what I was feeling, that this felt like an iron clasp that was used to imprison slaves. Her eyes got wide and she told me that she had experienced a past life meditative regression that took her back where she was a Black African boy that had been captured and held as a slave. Later in her journey, she saw herself, as an adult Black Free man, living in a large city with his wife and child. During that life, his wife abandoned him and their small child. I mentioned that I wasn’t able to remove this chain – that it was too heavy and too stuck for me.

My client then said, kind of flippantly, that her love life has been the same ever since. Then I was hit with a message from my guide, it was almost like a trans-channelling experience where the guide uses my voice to express their feelings or message. [When this happens, my voice seems to drop a little, sounding a little more authoritative, and I sometimes use words that are not my typical word choice.] I said to my client, “I am not supposed to remove this. This is your journey in this life; to remove this blockage, this iron chain, and you will not experience full, mutually supportive love from a romantic partner until you remove this. The moment you remove this iron chain, this chain to your past hurt and heartache, that will be the moment you find true love and be content in a romantic relationship.”

This experience was telling, and exactly the reason I got into energy work and coaching. So many times, we have things from our past lives literally STICK with us, on our energy field, and travel into our next life or lives. Whatever that thing is must be removed before we can move forward fully, more lovingly, and more confidently.

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