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mistakes and self love

This week I was reminded that loving our self, showing care to our self, is not easy. I think most people struggle with the idea of having love for their self, because they believe they have made too many mistakes or made a few big mistakes that were too big to forgive.

This may be a newsflash for some of you, but perfection is unattainable.

We have all made a mistake.

We will all make more mistakes as time goes on.

We may be making mistakes right now!

Once you realize that you are imperfect, as we are all imperfect, you may feel relief. The acknowledgement of our imperfection will allow us to usher in love for our self, through kindness, patience, gratitude, time, or even more forgiveness.

No matter our mistakes, we are worthy of forgiveness. No matter what you have done, you are stuck with your body, your spirit and your mind; you must show your self love and compassion. In showing our self love, forgiveness, and compassion, we may show those things to others.

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